Is a creative and hardworking professional focusing in post-production. Adrienne  has 16 years of experience in a broadcast and post-production environment. She is a freelance Video Editor, editing promos, short documentaries, and short animation projects in the greater Atlanta, Georgia Area. Her client list ranges from fortune 500 companies like Red Bull North American and Turner Studios. She also works full-time at CNN as Digital Preservation Editor doing restoration, archiving, and migrating new and historical CNN footage. Most notably, she is apart of a collaborative team that developed a new archival system and workflow at the Digital Preservation Center at CNN. Her life-long passion for film and post-production as lead her to gain a wide variety of skills with a focus in video editing and creative story-telling. With a combination of creative wit and broadcast engineering knowledge, she has further solidified her expertise and value as a Video Editor and a technology enthusiast.
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