'So Gone' Music Video for the Musical Artist Eshe
Case Study | Explanation:

I had the great honor to edit this music video for Eshe, a member of the 2x Grammy winning legendary hip hop group Arrested Development. This was a last minute job where I was called to help cut this piece. This piece begins with simple dissolves into more complex composition dissolves, movements, and transitions as the video progresses. Eshe is a truly a beautiful and humble person. Thank You for this opportunity!
Musical Artist - MONTSHO-ESHE
Director: Nathan Stoan
Leading Man: Randy Simmons
Produced by: Mabanua & Written: Eshe,Traci Hale, Kevin Maxim, & David Leeth.
Director of Photography: Justin Keonigh
Editor: Adrienne Lee
1st Camera Operator: Time Redman
2nd Camera Operator: Lucas Parker
3rd Camera Operator: Ryan Anselman
Artist website: esheafrosoul.com
Buy Single: Eshe - So Gone
Website: www.esheafrosoul.com

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